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About Us

Daniela’s Wish is that every child & their family feel safe during times of sadness.


Our mission is to put smiles on the faces of children who may be going through a difficult time, misfortune, tragedy or illness, thus alleviating some of life’s hardships through efforts in our local community including toy drives, wish granting, and outreach projects.


Company Overview
Daniela’s Wish is a 501c3 non profit volunteer organization serving children who are suffering from illness or tragedy.  100% of your donation goes straight to granting these wishes. Helping children & their families in our community by granting wishes and creating smiles & memories. Hi my name is Daniela and I am on a mission. That mission is to help every child and their family to have comfort, security and safety during times of sadness. By providing items they have lost or need to get through a tragedy or that time of sadness. I started Daniela’s Wish, a 501c3 non-profit organization, when I was just 7 years old. I got the idea in 2010 after an earthquake hit Haiti; I saw a scared little boy on TV and knew that I had to do something to help him and the other kids who were left with nothing. I collected over 1,000 boxes of cookies, 300 new stuffed animals and sent them to Haiti so that each child could feel a little less scared. Then in October of 2012 the very state I lived in, New Jersey was hit with Hurricane Sandy. It made me sad to see kids on TV in my very own state left with nothing. My parents and teachers told me that very caring people were sending food and blankets to those in need. I knew that I had to help. I wanted every child who was affected by Hurricane Sandy to get back some of their things. Something to put a smile back on their faces. Through events and social media I collected books, new toys and new stuffed animals. I was able to give out over 3,000 books, new toys and new stuffed animals around my state to schools and kids who lost these things. Daniela’s Wish helps kids who are not only affected by nature’s tragedies but also kids who aren’t feeling well, and are ill, at home and in the hospital. I like to help kids smile by granting them a wish. A wish to make them just feel like a kid again. I like to give them something to play with or hold onto during their times of sadness and struggle. I want to remind them that just because they are facing adult problems, they are still children.

Daniela's Wish board members are a group of parents and professionals in our community working as volunteers to raise funs with the goal of making a positive difference in the lives of children.

Daniela’s Wish doesn’t just help kids and their families, we can help organizations too. From helping United Way, Making Strides for Breast Cancer, autism awareness, to families that lost everything in a tragedy.

Daniela’s Wish can grant you a wish or help raise awareness for your cause through events and announcements on my website and facebook page.

Please browse my website. It shows everything that I have done, am presently doing and how I plan to grant wishes to kids everywhere!


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Board Members

Sheila Olt - Executive Director

Daniela Olt - President

Anthony Ursino - Vice President

Eric Kerecman - Treasure

Blake Laurence - Legal Counsel

Tara Buss - Events Coordinator

Email us at daniela@danielaswish.org to learn how you can help.

If you know a child that is ill or suffered a tragedy and would benefit from a wish granted please email us daniela@danielaswish.org.

Daniela’s Wish -Granting Wishes, Creating Smiles & Memories
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